Stashing Up For Thockies

Getting Ready

Ah, life has been busy. We’ve had our first snow in Indiana, it’s birthday season in my family and I’ve been trying to order Christmas gifts and get them sent out to family members scattered across the US. Thankfully we will not be shipping gifts overseas this year. All family members are  happily snuggled into their homes in the States.

And through it all, I’ve been contemplating what yarn to use for my first Knitting Around project, the cozy and warm Moccasin Socks.

Have you noticed? You use worsted weight for these socks! Nice heavy and warm boot socks, if you ask me. I decided to settle on good old Cascade 220 for my first pair of Moccasin Socks. Nothing beats the durability of Cascade 220, as well as the stitch definition. I hate it when ribbing looks askew and wobbly. And since the majority of the sock is done in 2×2 rib, I want something that is going to look crisp and clean.

I am going to use some lovely handspun for the bottom of the socks, the sole. I mean, wouldn’t you want to use something good and hearty for the sole of your sock! =) If you don’t have handspun, don’t worry, Cascade 220 will come to the rescue and work just as well.

Pinwheel Variation

For the Pinwheel Variation of the Moccasin sock I have chosen to knit the body of the sock in Berroco Ultra Alpaca. I thought it would be nice to have a dresser, cozier, softer pair of moccasin socks to wear inside my dress boots.

Woodsman's Thick Socks

For the Woodsman’s Thick Socks I have thrown caution to the wind and am going to use some lovely and very sheepy Bartlett Yarn 2ply. This will be my sledding socks — you know the type you tuck your jeans into and look like a complete hippie!

Now I come to the 2 color Woodsman’s Variation Socks, Cross Country Stockings with shaped calf on page 6 of Knitting Around. There is no chart, no instructions, no nothing besides a simply gorgeous pair of socks to look at and drool over? What are we going to do? We can’t skip over them? Ugh! I’m going to do a bit of research and see if I can find some charts that come close… it will be a bit of an adventure!

So what do you think? We have a bit of work ahead of us! Feel free to knit all or just some of the socks. It is worsted weight yarn so it should go fairly quickly!

What are you all thinking of using for your moccasin socks and woodsman’s socks?


2 Responses

  1. Are you going to use any strengthening material and if so what re you going to use?
    (My book should be here by Thursday…can’t wait)

    • Yes! I will be using some strengthening material. The stuff I have in mind is put out by a German yarn company… I can’t remember the name of it right off the bat. However, I do need to go and pick some up from my LYS. As soon as I have it in hand I will post about it so you all can pick some up too.

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