It’s Almost Time!

Wow! What a wonderful whirlwind the last two weeks have been. The Dear Husband finished up classes the week before Christmas but then had a boat load of year-end articles to work on. Christmas Eve his office closed at noon but he still had a hideous amount of work to slough through. He came home and worked in our home office and I took breaks from my Christmas cooking to bring him pots and pots of tea.

The 23rd found me juggling a baby going through a growth spurt and wanting to nurse ALL THE TIME and Christmas baking! Ha! That was hilarious. I had Baby John’s play pen in the kitchen at the end of the counter so there was barely enough room to move around the island. Somehow everything got done.

Christmas Day we had an absolutely lovely time with family, beginning with opening our stockings with Grandma Winslow by the warm fire and a loaded tea tray.

The house is still a mess and my desk is even worse but it’s almost time! Hooray! It’s almost time to begin our adventure! Are you all prepared? Did any of you receive Knitting Around for Christmas? I received The Opinionated Knitter from my sister-in-law for Christmas. I was thrilled. I did not have my own copy and had been borrowing the library’s copy for the last three weeks (Sorry, if anyone has it on hold. It will now be returned!).

I also managed a snowy trip up to my LYS to purchase some “strengthening material” for the soles of the Moc Socks. I purchased some Regia 2ply from Schachenmayr. It is wool with a bit of Nylon thrown in to make it strong and durable. I plan on holding it with my wool for the sole of the sock and “knitting on.” I’ll show you as I’m working it.

My Knitting Basket -- all ready to begin

I can barely wait, can you? I have my knitting basket all stocked up for the first projects. Doesn’t it look inviting? I think it’s calling my name and just begging me to take it up and cast on… yes, I have “Cast On Fever” and can barely stop myself from starting early. But, have no fear. The Dear Husband is preventing me and holding me accountable to my midnight cast on date.

But enough of me. Did you all make it through the lovely whirlwind of Christmas? Do you all have your projects waiting and ready? Have any of you started? Do tell all, dear knitters, I’m dying to know!


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  1. Yes, your yarn choices look very inviting!

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