At last…

Well, dear knitters, JK and I headed off to a New Year’s Eve party at 8 PM with our little fellow in tow. By 10 PM Baby John was screaming for peace and quiet and we took that as our cue to return home and get ready for the “cast on.” On a side note, the New Year’s Eve party was noisey, as any good party should be, and Baby John was adding to the noise. As soon as we stepped out into the cold silence of the night Baby John was quiet. JK and I laughed all the way to the car. What is with our baby? He hates noise. I suppose it is because he lives in a very quiet house. I mean really, a knitter and a journalist? They really don’t make that much noise.

But back to business. At 10 PM I was REALLY tired and tempted to just cast on. But my dear husband, JK, helped me stay true to my word. He made a BIG pot of hot tea for me and gathered my heater while I put my coat back on (I was freezing. Our house drops down to 65 F at night and for some reason I find that bone chilling). Armed with warmth and hot liquid we went down to the basement to watch the ball drop and cast on.

So, my friends, my first project of Knitting Around is finally on my needles. I’ve been so eager to start, it is almost strange that the moment is here. I can’t wait to hear how you all started your “Thockies.” Do leave a note and let me know…

In the meantime, here’s to our project, Knitting Zimmermann and 2010. May you all enjoy the adventure ahead of us and may the year be a blessing to you and your loved ones!

Happy Knitting to all…. and now off to bed!


4 Responses

  1. how exciting! i’m really looking forward to reading about this journey.

  2. What great photos! Your DH obviously has skills other than journalism. So, I’m guessing no one gave you the Snuggy for Christmas. (wink, wink!) Nice to be pampered while encouraged to keep goals, good work DH!!


  3. I love the pictures of you knitting by your little heater 😉 Just think, soon you will have a warm pair of thockies to help keep your feet warm!

    I cast on with some handspun chocolate brown Corriedale, size 4 needles on 48 stitches. This is my second pair and hopefully I will do a better job this time around…thank you for the inspiration!

  4. I love going along with you all..even though I am not knitting… it is wonderful to see such fantastic socks… it warms my heart to see how far you have come from that little girl that picked up a crochelt hook and said …mom..teach me how… you have done marvelous with this skill… I am too proud of you… 🙂 …
    keep passing it on…

    xo mom

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