Moccasin Socks

Working the Sole of Thockie #1

I cannot believe how fast these Moccasin Socks go! Perhaps it is because I usually make socks that are 7 to 8 sts to the 1″. Hmm…I could get addicted to this instant sock.

Yesterday afternoon, I was happily knitting my way around my sock in 2×2 rib when I remembered, “Oh, EZ said to ‘throw in a jaunty stripe.'” I looked at my sock and I was quite a ways down the cuff. I wasn’t sure what to do. EZ had thrown her “jaunty stripes” in at the top of her cuff. I was way past that. I didn’t feel like ripping back but also couldn’t resist the appeal of a “jaunty stripe.” So, I have two “jaunty stripes” around my ankle now. I think I’ll start a new fad! =)

Heel of Moc Sock #1


Cuff: My gauge matched EZ’s and I wanted to make a medium sized sock. So I cast on the prescribed number of sts in “Knitting Around.” I forgot the “jaunty stripes” at the top so thus added them around the ankle. I made the cuff the prescribed length – 8″ (mid calf)- knowing that if I wanted to make a knee sock I would have needed to start my cuff wider and then shaped it.

Heel: Instead of putting 6 sts on a piece of wool for the top of the heel and leaving the 8 toe stitches live, I decided to cast them all off. Why? Well, my thinking was, if this sock is indeed supposed to be “retreadable” I want to be able to take out the sole (sounds heartless) and not have any live sts to deal with when I have ripped the sole out. This also enabled me to begin straight away at the top of the heel with the heel yarn and strengthening thread. Also, instead of slipping the first stitch of every row as you worked the heel, I chose to do a traditional short row with a  wrap and turn to as to ensure no holes or tight stitches.

Well, I’m off to do the day’s work. Tonight I’ll be back at my first Moc Sock. Perhaps I can finish and start on the next one.

How are you all doing?


7 Responses

  1. Ooo, where is this sock pattern from? I was just telling someone the other day that EZ is all about the sweaters but not so much the socks, and here I find she IS about socks — and socks made with heavier yarn, no less! Would love to try a pair of these.

  2. One sock done and second started….Love how fast it goes.

  3. I cannot figure out when to change to the second color for the sole!!!!

    • There are two different places you can choose to change colors for the sole — when you start working the toe shaping on the top of the foot or when you begin picking up the stitches around the top of the foot with your 16″ circular needle. If you change colors at the toe you can easily work in the strengthening thread at this point (by holding the yarn for the toe adn the strengthening thread together)

      Hope this helps!
      Happy Knitting

  4. A variation: I knit the ankle and foot top with bulky yarn in a modified rib, substituting for the purls a moss stitch. Then I worked up the bottoms with double bulky to make a nice thick sole. Very difficult to work in double bulky, but since there is not too much of it, its OK. Now I have slippers from left over bulky yarns that are very cozy.

    • Great variation! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. I, too, am LOVING the speed of these thockies. Almost done with the DH’s size 11EEE knee-high version. The only tough part is the SSK at the toe and heel….the other thock shall have K2tog, not so stressful on the arthritic hands. Your jaunty stripe is quite trendsetting!

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