Moccasin Socks Completed

Moccasin Socks "Thockies"

I completed my Moccasin Socks about a week ago. The knit up so fast. I think socks in worsted weight yarn are the way to go! But then you would have to wear boots all the time — my boots are the only shoe my “thockies” fit in.

The construction is fascinating. It really made me think and got the wheels turning in my head. However, I really didn’t like doing the bottom of the sock. I hated how tight my stitches were on the 16″ circular needle.  And I absolutely loathed all those stitches to “kitchner stitch” together. Ugh! But they were very interesting to knit.

I have my pinwheel variation on my needles and am approaching the point where I start the bottom. I will take pictures and let you know any tips and tricks I find while working through the pinwheel!

How are you all doing with your socks?


2 Responses

  1. Lovely!!!

    I have finished mine as well, and took a photo of them last night. Hope to load it up tonight, so everybody can see my “masterpiece” 🙂 I agree with you, the bottom wasn’t that fun. But I changed to a much longer needle and did it with Magic Loop. In that was it was ok.

    Take good care of yourself!

  2. I have also finished my first pair and agree that the pattern was interesting. The sole was not so fun, and I am already sick of K2P2. I have finished one pinwheel variation, and find it much more interesting and like the look of the finished sole. I’m thinking the moccasin sock would be better with a soft leather sole sewn in.
    But overall, I’ve enjoyed knitting something different.

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