Pinwheel Moccasin Socks

Pinwheel Moccasin Socks

My pair of Pinwheel Moccasin Socks is completed. I really enjoyed this version of the moccasin socks. I thought the first version would be easier but I really didn’t like all that weaving to do at the end. The Pinwheel version is entirely devoid of weaving. LOVED IT.

Two projects down and lots more to go. But I already feel a bit “freed”. Don’t you just love the way Elizabeth Zimmermann thinks outside the box? This is a completely different way of making socks.

January is drawing to a slow and quiet close. It’s been a good month to rest from all the hubbub of Christmas. But it’s been rather gray here in our flatlands. Our snow has melted and everything is a bit of a mush. I’ve been stuck inside — knitting away on lots of projects — due to the fact that my old car decided to have another “winter fit” and is not drivable until the DH is able to figure out whether we should fix the car or junk it. I don’t think he’ll have the time to think about that until his semester (which just started) is over (at the end of April). Ah, well. The forecast has called for 50 F weather on Saturday — I’m planning a long walk with Lil John. Perhaps a walk to our local Starbucks for a sit & knit Saturday AM.


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  1. They look really nice!!!

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