Woodsman’s Thick Socks

Woodsman's Thick Socks

Oh, my! What fun! I loved making the Woodsman’s Thick Socks. If you thought the Moccasin sock went fast, wait until you try the Woodsman’s Sock. I used Bartlett Yarns 2 ply color: Medium Sheeps Gray and US #6  DPNs.

I particularly loved the rich, sheepy texture of the yarn for this sock. I think they were perfectly matched. This is the type of sock you want to pull on before you put on your boots and head out to go sledding or skiing or even something as mundane as shoveling the driveway.

Elizabeth Zimmermann gives a little fuller description of the sock in “The Opinionated Knitter.” There she calls socks, “timeless boosters of the male ego.” Don’t you love it?

Modifications: I wanted to make a sock that fit me or the DH (surprise — we’re about the same size). So I cast on 40 stitches rather than 44 and used #6 needles rather than a #7. I’m planning to do a breakdown of the Woodsman as I knit the second sock… so stay tuned! More to come.

On another note: I’m planning on doing the Woodsman’s 2 color variation found in Knitting Around on page 6. Meg Swansen informed me that Schoolhouse press does not have a pattern for that particular variation. But, dear knitters, we can wing it in true EZ form, can’t we? If you notice the gauge is similar to the Wearable Art Stockings as well as the calf shaping. I’ve come up with charts for the color pattern which I’ll offer as a free PDF download on Ravelry for those of you who would like to knit along. Just a head’s up ….


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  1. Hey… those look great. I’m looking forward to starting those. I am nearly finished with my 2nd pinwheel and LOVE the pattern. I’ll make more pinwheel socks for sure.

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