The Woodsman Socks

The Cuff

The Cuff

Step 1: The Woodsman Thick Sock in Knitting Around begins as we have begun the last two pairs of socks, cast on for the cuff and knitting until your just about bored stiff with 2×2 ribbing and can’t stand it anymore.

Woodsman's Thick Sock Heel

The Heel

Step 2: Thankfully the heel begins and saves you from 2×2 rib boredom. This is a fun heel to work. Elizabeth Zimmermann designed it with 3 stitches of garter stitch on each side and slipped stitches on the outermost edges for easy pick up. Just when you wish this could go on forever it’s time to ….

The Heel - turned

Step 3: … turn that heel! EZ has you turn the heel through a series of slipped stitches, SSKs and K2togs – not too bad really. Definitely nescessary to have a cup of tea along side one as one turns the heel but not so bad as to require a glass of wine.

Picked up stitches to shape gussets

Step 4: Shaping the gussets 1– you are going to pick up stitches along each side of your heel flap. Remember those lovely little slipped stitches you worked as you knit the heel flap? Those are meant for this moment — picking up the gusset stitches. When I am done picking up stitches I rearrange my needles so they look like this. Half of the heel stitches and one side of the gusset stitches are on needle 1, needle 2 bears all the top ribbed stitches, needle 3 carries the other side of the gusset stitches and half of the heel stitches. Quite a tidy arrangement if you ask me.

Shaping the gussets 2

Step 5: Now that you have picked up the stitches on the gusset you can begin decreasing them as prescribed in Knitting Around. You decrease until you have the original number of stitches you cast on for the cuff — in this case 44.

The length of the foot

Step 5: Now that we’ve done all the hard work, it’s back to peaceful knitting. Knitting around and around, keeping the stitches on the 2nd needle in 2×2 rib and the rest in knit. Ah, so lovely…

The Toe

Step 6: The toe — just when things are going along nicely it suddenly becomes time to do the toe! Lovely! Shape the toe just as EZ instructs in Knitting Around and you can’t go wrong. And then at the very end there are just a few stitches to Kitchener stitch together — ah, much better than the moccasin socks!

Modifications: I didn’t make any structural modifications throughout this pattern. I thought it was excellent as written. I did choose to make it a little smaller, though, by casting on 40 stitches rather than 44. It took an inch out of the width of the sock and it fits my foot (a ladies 8.5 US) perfectly (for a boot sock).

How are you all doing on your Woodsman’s Thick Socks? Anyone sick of socks?


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