Woodsman Variation

The Woodsman's Variation

I am INSANE! Totally INSANE.

I thought I would be so cute and sophisticated copying the beautiful Woodsman’s 2 color variation that Elizabeth Zimmermann has a picture of in Knitting Around. Yes, that’s right. There’s only a picture. I’m guessing and fudging my way through. And now I think I was INSANE to attempt it.

I should stop ranting.

I’ll start over….

Hi Knitters! It’s February, time to start those lovely 2 color socks that just make you drool as you stare at them in Knitting Around. Most of you are going to be starting or attempting to start the Wearable Art Stockings. I’ll try to post more about them tomorrow.

As for me, I decided it would be fun to recreate the lovely 2 color Woodsman’s Variation shown in the black and white picture at the end of The Woodsman’s Thick Sock pattern in Knitting Around.

I made charts after brewing myself a strong cup of tea and staring at the photo for a while. That accomplished I cast on.

I’m not fond of doing 2 colors on DPNs. So I thought I would experiment to see if I like small circulars. I tried 9″ circulars — DON’T! They will hurt your hands. I tried 12″ circulars – OH MY! They were annoying. Right now I’m on 2, 16″ circulars – it’s a little better and not too annoying. But guess what, I think I like the DPNs the best! Ha! We live any learn!

I’ve got to run — but I’ll let you know how I’m “fudging” it EZ style soon! Anyone tempted to try the 2 color Woodsman’s variation? If so, let me know and I can email you the charts.

ta-ta for now and happy knitting!


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