Back in business

After a week of no Knitting Zimmermann projects I felt like I was going to go crazy. Sure, I had other knitting to work on but I missed that daily interaction with Knitting Around.

When I was up at my LYS on Saturday I picked up some Harrisville Shetland 2 ply for the Wearable Art Stockings. I swatched it and it came out perfect with a US #3 needle. So I’m off and running on the ribbing … again.

AND… my order of Harrisville Shetland 2 ply for my Seamless Yoke Sweater – our next project – was in! Oh, it was so lovely to pick up!  I’m pretty pleased with the colors. As usual the camera does not do them justice. For instance, that skein that looks like black is really a lovely shade of cocoa. I’m delight and can’t wait to start on the sweater. To be a bit honest with you all, I’m a little tired of socks – after all, the wearable art stockings are my 5th pair in the last 6 weeks. And besides, this seamless yoke sweater is THE sweater that launched Elizabeth Zimmermann into doing her own newsletters and publishing her own patterns. Isn’t that exciting to think about?


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  1. Can’t wait to see the sweater. Love your yarn choices.

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