Yarn Giveaway

Well, I came home from an afternoon walk with Baby John and was just about to push the stroller in the house when I noticed this box on the front porch by my newly planted pansies.

It was yarn, donated by the wonderful people at Mission Falls, for you all! Yes! Mission Falls sent some yarn for our project! Hooray! They were very generous and sent 10 skeins of the wonderful 136 Merino Superwash! Some of you are using it for the Seamless Yoke sweater we are all currently working on.

The color is Basil – a lovely spring green. It is heavenly, in fact. I’m so eager to see this color on the trees. But … back to the giveaway: leave a comment on this post with your favorite type of project to knit, i.e. sweaters, hats, shawls, socks, etc. On Friday, April 2, I’ll get the random number generator to choose one person to send this lovely yarn to. I’ll announce the winner on Saturday, April 3rd!

Meanwhile, I’m knitting away on the body of the Seamless Yoke. I can’t wait to get to the color part!

Good luck to all!


38 Responses

  1. How fun is that!?!

    My favorite things to knit are hats, blankets, and sweaters. Out of those three, I probably enjoy blankets the most. I find that most people think this is odd because a lot of knitters get bored with the time it takes to make a blanket. I counted it up one time last year and was astounded at how many blankets I had made over the years. That’s when I realized how much I enjoy making them. Before that, I would have guessed hats/sweaters would have one. I guess that proves how much I like making blankets if I didn’t even realize how many I had made! Right now, I have three going!

  2. I don’t know if I have only one favorite project to knit, I think I like sweaters as much as I like hats and mittens.
    The yarn color is beautiful. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my! That is a lovely color. I really love to knit socks and sweaters. There is nothing better than having your feet wrapped in lovely handknit socks and your body wrapped in a wonderful handknit sweater!

  4. Oh how generous of them! The perfect color of green for Spring!

  5. What wonderful springy yarn! I love to knit socks as they are most portable (I have 4 little ones so I don’t have the knitting time to sit with a chart and complicated cables, lace, colourwork, etc – for now at least!)

  6. Socks!

  7. I’ve knit quite a few hats and like that they are quick, but I’m trying to learn the patience and stick-to-it-ness needed for cable sweaters.

  8. how fun! (i’m definitely a hardcore sweater knitter. love accessories for a quick knitting fix, but sweaters are my passion! and that green is GORGEOUS!)

  9. Love, love baby/child projects but my current loves are the shawlettes and cowls.

  10. Cardigans, most definitely, both for myself and my daughters. They allow me to enjoy a button obsession, plus I love their versatility.

    Thanks for this opportunity that yarn is lovely!

  11. I’d plan to have a go at a sweater!

  12. My real knitting love is Fair Isle sweaters. I just started the yoke pattern on the seamless yoke sweater.

  13. I love to knit lightweight sweaters using lace techniques.

  14. love to knit top down sweaters and tops!!!!!!!!

  15. That is so generous! This yarn would only be about half what I’d need for a sweater at my size, but fortunately I have some that would work with it just perfectly! Many thanks to you and Mission Falls for the giveaway!

  16. Wow, how lovely it looks! Oh how I would love to win this, I really keep my finger crossed.

    I’m a sweater and cardigan lover, in all sizes and all shapes and fashions. But I think I knit 10 baby/child sweater for each adult one.

  17. My favorite projects are hats. They are easy to fit, everyone wears them, they are a great canvas for any pattern, texture, or color combination, they are completed relatively quickly, you don’t need double-pointed needles until the very end, I could go on and on….

    Thank you, Mission Falls!

  18. Beautiful yarn, my favorite projects are sweaters, hats and gloves. Knitting for grandkids is so rewarding they love everything knit just for them.

  19. My favourite project is socks followed by cowls and sweaters. I have been knitting socks a lot in the past few years and am now getting back to sweaters and trying a project with lots of cables for the first time. It has certainly been a learning experience! Knit, rip, knit rip πŸ™‚

  20. I love to knit afghans as presents – no sewing up and you can have great fun with pattern stitches.

    For myself I love cardigans. They are practical for me to wear and I can normally fix the pattern to knit on circs and avoid most of the seaming.

    That is beautiful yarn. Someone is going to be very lucky

  21. I like to knit accessories. Last year had a big focus on hats and cowls, but recently I have enjoyed trying out different yarns and patterns for shawlettes, generally made with a 100 g hank of sock yarn. My knitting speed has increased, so I am considering tackling a larger project, like an EZ sweater.

  22. Beautiful Spring green color! I knit mostly hats, sweaters and blankets. I love to knit baby things for the satisfaction of a quick knit.

  23. My favorite things to knit are hats and socks. I have not been terribly successful with sweaters. I have completed EZ’s baby sweater from the Almanac, and am now attempting a biggered version for my daughter. We’ll see how it goes. If that goes well, I’m for the seamless yoke sweater.

  24. Please sign me up for the “giveaway”! I’d love to win that yummy yarn!


  25. I am in a color work jag right now. It’s all I want to knit, but am mostly interested in putting it in sweaters. And, those are usually for kids. The whole instant gratification thing, you know!

  26. I like to knit green things! Sweaters, socks, and hats. I’ve done mittens and now, my first pair of gloves, which are nearly done. And, if there are seams, they are not popular, so always find a way to avoid sewing more than a stitch or two.

    Yummy yarn!

  27. I love knitting anything – most recently have discovered a great love for laces – am working diligently on seamless sweater, and just started a sleeve – for a quick couple of rounds – so I won’t get bored – am also working on a couple of commissions – just love fibers and that green is beautiful – one of my favorite colors.

  28. It doesn’t matter what I am knitting as long as I am knitting! That said, I am totally into shawls this year.

  29. Beautiful yarn! I love to knit baby things: blankets, booties, bonnets…lots of b-words…burp clothes…you name it!

  30. My favorite color in the whole world, whenever I wear that color I get the most wonderful compliments. I just love knitting so I have no true favorites!

  31. I love knitting and helps my arthritis tremendously; I very interested in knitting a vest and that is my favorite color!

  32. I love to knit period! I’ve made hats, a couple of sweaters, socks, market bag and a bunny. I’m not very good at seaming which is why I love EZ’s patterns.

  33. I have only just discovered EZ. Doing a pi shawl at present and would love to try a bog jacket or a pi are square shawl.
    Green is so soothing
    Never steeked but will do that one day as well.

  34. I like vests. I recently knitted EZ’s Butterfly jacket and I am amazed with it ever since I knitted it. Best regards and a kiss for baby John!

  35. Green!!!! I’m a BIG fan of green! Let’s see…. my favorite thing to knit varies according to my mood, the last yarn I fell in love with, and my degree of sleep deprivation… Generally however I am a fan of shawls and baby sweaters. They are universal gifts and you don’t have to worry too much about size and form.

  36. My favourite project to knit is mittens, because they are so much fun to knt, especially the baby thumbless mitts! I think also that the reason I like to knit mittens is that you can express your personality through your mittens, be it colours, stripes, pattern design or style (fingerless, flip-top, etc.). I made a pair of flip-top mittens at Christmas for a friend (Jack-in-the-box, by Robin Melanson) and each time I see her wearing the mittens I smile, knowing just how much fun I had making them, but also knowing that they are so useful.

  37. One of EZ’s patterns for sure!

  38. I love knitting anything new and slightly more difficult than the project before it. What a beautiful color!

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