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Tricky Dickey and a Very Warm Hat

I have put off writing this post because it has such bittersweet memories for me. Ah, but here it is….

The Tricky Dickey and the Very Warm Hat are the only projects I had ever made out of Knitting Around before I started this year of Knitting Zimmermann. I made them in December 2008 when my dear Uncle Bill was here in Indiana for a visit.

One afternoon, Uncle Bill and I had a discussion about the old fashion “Dickeys” that were worn under a shirt to keep warm. He really like them but said they were hard to find. So, I decided to make him one for Christmas and of course, a matching Very Warm Hat.

Hat – 1 skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Charcoal, 1 skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Cream, US #7 , 16″ circular needles.

Tricky Dickey – 1 skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Charcoal, #7 DPNs & #7, 16″ circular needles.

Uncle Bill loved the set and worn them constantly that winter. Uncle Bill passed away last fall and I am still heart broken by his passing.

Happy Knitting!



Cutting the Steek

As I cut the sweater JK took two little videos of me. Hop on over and have a good laugh! I sound like a goof ball!

Cutting the Steek from Christina Wall on Vimeo.

Steeking II from Christina Wall on Vimeo.

The Seamless Yoke Sweater

It’s done! I can’t believe it. I have this euphoric feeling about having accomplished the beautiful sweater that launched Elizabeth Zimmermann into publishing her own patterns.

The sweater is currently hanging on my sweater form downstairs, out of the way of Baby John who is now crawling and able to pull the sweater form down on himself. So occasionally I peek around the corner to make sure I’m not imagining things and ensure that it is, indeed, done!

I loved knitting it! The body and the sleeves came at a very busy time for me – I was trying to put together the Whispers of Spring Collection – so the repetitive nature of knitting around and around and around was meditative and relaxing.

Then came the yoke! Oh, what fun! It was hard to put down once I got to the yoke pattern. I just wanted to do one more row just to see more of the pattern emerge.

Then came the steeking! It was actually sooooo easy! I knit the crochet stays during one of Baby John’s nap periods and then cut the sweater after dinner. It was then a matter of picking up and knitting the button band. I have firmly decided, it is the crochet steek for me – always. JK took a video of me cutting the steek – I sound hilarious – like I have a lisp or something. I’ll get that posted as soon as I figure out how to!

What I learned:

  • Phoney Seams are wonderful! I think this is a trick I will implement into as many sweaters as I can. The phoney seams help a sweater that is knit in the round hang straight and gracefully. I didn’t know how much I was missing.
  • Fair Isle Yokes are addictive – if you like playing with color and changing the color schemes you can have endless fun with yoke sweaters.


  • Crochet Steek: Eunny Jang’s Steeking Chronicles are the best tutorials on steeking out there. I referred to her crochet steek tutorial to refresh my memory before I began mine.

What’s next? Well, it’s The Very Warm Hat. But before that I have another little niece arriving any day now and I haven’t knit her a sweater yet! So, that is going on my needles pronto — why did I pick a pattern with fingering yarn and #1.5 needles? AHHHHHH….

Seamless Yoke Sweater

The sweater part of my Seamless Yoke Sweater is done! Hooray! It is blocking at the present time. I’ve designed it to be a cardigan so I’ll have some steeking and some button bands to do… more later but I just had to celebrate somewhere….

And the winner is….

The winner of the lovely green 136 Merino is Betsie of And Another Thing.

Congratulations!  Have a lovely Easter weekend everyone!


Have you seen this? It’s really good and applicable to us – if only it were true! =)

The winner of the lovely 136 Merino is chosen tomorrow! Don’t forget to leave a comment if you haven’t already!