Life and The Mobius

Life seems a little stressed right now. I always tend to think that the next season will be a little slower. Ha! Somehow it seems to be busier than the last season. JK is finishing up classes as well as really busy at work – he always seems a little pushed for time.  Little John has just begun to crawl and has been getting into everything as well as hungrier and demanding more food and thus feeding time. One thing piles on top of another and all of a sudden it seems like I’m staring at a mound of overwhelming things. Such is life, I suppose. I just have to enjoy it.

I began the knitted mobius scarf thinking I was going to use a garter stitch lace pattern for it. But then I thought about garter stitch – I don’t tend to knit a lot of garter stitch, edgings here and there, but no big project. Garter stitch, however, almost seems to define Elizabeth Zimmermann, doesn’t it? Look at all the projects in Knitting Around, a lot of them have a good deal of garter stitch, including the next three projects.

“Why not embrace that part of EZ’s knitting?” I asked myself. “Give it a try and see what it is all about.” I had even contemplated trying the upcoming moebius vest in a lace stitch or some stitch other than garter stitch.

With that decided I cast on. But soon ripped out. I had dyed this brown yarn awhile ago but that was before I was in to another thing – yarn glazing. The yarn was boring and dull – it needed to head back to the dye pot. So… rip….

Desperate to not let the weekend pass without casting on the project, I rummaged through my yarn stash and came across some interesting handspun I had forgotten about. Spun several years ago I instantly hated this yarn when I finished it. It just wasn’t cool. I through it in the bottom of a bin and forgot about it. Sunday afternoon I took it and and fell in love with it. Isn’t that how it is sometimes? I quickly wound it up and cast on – it is delightful. Slubby and thick and thin it is adding quite a few interesting bits to this garter stitch. I’m really enjoying it!

And, I have discovered garter stitch is an instant de-stresser.  I cannot believe I didn’t do more garter stitch things. It is perfect for my life right now. I’m devouring my project because of that and looking forward to the next two garter stitch projects in Knitting Around – the Mobius Vest and the Bog Jacket. Also, garter stitch is perfect for a being a mama of an 8-month old – you don’t have to look at a chart or count! Ah, EZ, you really know a thing or two, don’t you? Once again, this project, Knitting Zimmermann, is keeping me sane!

Knit on!


2 Responses

  1. I love this post. It’s so true – EZ does know a thing or two. Gorgeous yarn too.

    I am reading a book called Free Range Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Have you read it? I loved her essay called Tell Me a Story. It was all about knitting projects suited to where you are and what you are doing. Perhaps to explain why many knitters have lots of yarn and more than one project on needles at a time…

  2. Amen 😉

    And, happy belated Mothers Day!

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