The Knitted Moebius

For those of us familiar with the Cat Bordhi’s moebius and the moebius cast on, Elizabeth’s moebius is startling in it’s simplicity. Just knit a long, wide scarf, give it a twist and attach the ends.

Of course this means an endless number of stitch patterns can be employed in this simple little scarf – or not.

As I mentioned before, I decided to go with the garter stitch version of EZ”s Moebius Scarf. I have not done very much in garter stitch and thought it was high time I dive into the stitch and cherish it as much as EZ.

I used a lovely handspun wool/silk blend that I had purchased at my very first Greencastle Fiber Event. The handspun skeins had remained untouched in my stash long enough. I decided it was high time they were made into some thing.

I am quite pleased with the results. EZ’s knitted moebius makes a luscious hooded cowl as well as a great project for a busy mom (or grandma). The garter stitch is the perfect stitch for me right now with my little guy on the go. And for some reason I am finding the repetitive nature of the stitch extremely stress relieving and therapeutic. I almost feel as if I’m sitting down with a therapist every time I pick up my garter stitch knitting (currently I’m working on the moebius vest, which I’ll post about ASAP).

The question is: Will I tire of the garter stitch by the time I come to the Bog Jacket? Hmmm… well, I just I’ll have to wait and see.


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  1. That turned out beautiful. Love the yarn.

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