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The Moebius Vest

Ah, Knitters, well, this is where the truth really comes out, when the going gets tough.

The last month and a half, perhaps two months have been a full blown whirlwind. If you are readers on my design blog you will know that JK and I are trying to interview and hire contractors to deal with a mold issue that just became apparent in our house. The long and the short of it is… my life is out of control. But… hey, that’s normal! Right! =) Surely, that is a normal part of life… =)

So, onward, forward, Knit On, With Confidence Through All Crises – right? I haven’t ordered that lovely new bag from School House Press, but I do think I need it to remind me to “hang in there, it really isn’t that bad.”

However, what is horrible is the Mobius Vest. Take a look at that sack above! It could be a potato sack! I was tempted to continue, “Just think of all those garter stitch hours,” I told myself. But then I thought, “You’re never going to wear a potato sack.” So….. off the needles it has come and it is now packed away in the closet for another project.

I finally decided that the Mobius Vest needed some modernization – a soft, drapy fiber, no I-cord and possibly some waist shaping to give it a bit more modern wearability. What do you think? So, I choose Berroco Ultra Alpaca which I’m going to knit on #9 to make it light and drapey and am going to comtemplate some waist shaping.

My life is a bit in limbo right now – we might be moving out for a little while during the mold remediation but – Knit On!