The Moebius Vest

I can’t believe how long it is taking me to get through the moebius vest. I suppose that is mainly due to the fact that I decided to start over entirely with a different yarn and new calculations.

And due to the mold found in our house and the remediation going on in it we have been moving in and out of it during the last 8 weeks.

Although I will say, if you have a complicated situation going on a big project of garter stitch is divine. You can pick up and carry on or stop it at a moment’s notice. Also, the simplicity of the moebius vest astounds me. It’s simple, direct, yet elegant (once you choose the right yarn) because of the gentle shaping in the front with the short rows. Amazing.

I also have a new appreciation for EZ as a knitting mother. I wonder if she loved garter stitch or knitting in the round because it is terribly practical for a mother on the go.

I am also finding the rhythmic (almost monotonous) nature of the garter stitch to be therapeutic during this stress full time. There is something to be set about it’s repetitive nature, it’s deep texture under your fingers and the endless rows it creates… but anyways, I’m blathering.

Just checking in to let you know, I’m still here, in the midst of a moldy house full of chaos, but I do have the back and one side of the Moebius Vest completed!


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