A Zimmermann Moment

I had the most amazing “Zimmermann” moment last night. But perhaps I should start at the beginning.

A friend of mine was privileged to go to Knitting Camp 2 – THE knitting camp put on by Meg Swansen and Schoolhouse Press. Ah, I know, doesn’t it sound glorious?

She arrived home and sent me an email and said, “Hey can you pop by the knitting shop.” I thought it was so that she could tell me all about the camp and I was ecstatic. Couldn’t pop by in the afternoon because we had the mold inspector coming by the house, but arranged with my husband to watch the baby if I left dinner for them both. So off I went — a night to myself, to hear the grand tales of knitting camp.

And lo and behold I get there and my friend surprises me with the new EZ bag – signed by Meg Swansen herself!

Talk about swooning. Actually, I’m told I screamed.  I was so excited. It totally made my year. What a jolt of happiness amongst such dreary house situations.

And, Tonia, my friend, also captured this:

Now, isn’t that just adorable? Meg, you are the cutest!

Tonia — I cannot thank you enough. You are one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I know. May you be blessed ten-fold for the blessing you have heaped upon me.

And to all the Knitting Camp knitters who have joined us, Welcome! We are just plowing our way through the mobius vest and are about to head into the Bog Jacket! Join us or offer some advice!

Happy Knitting to all!


3 Responses

  1. OH…MY….GOODNESS!!!!

    What a dear and wonderful friend you have, Christina! Do you just want to hold the bag in your hands and absorb some of the “Meg-ness” of it? LOL! Thank you for sharing ;D

    • I do, I do. I’m hoping the “Meg-ness” of the bag helps me with the rest of the projects yet to be completed! =)

  2. wow… I am so thrilled for you C… but then… you are an incredable knitter.. it is in you… one of your genes from your great grandmother… I can’t wait to see the bag and hear more… so happy for you!!!!


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