Elizabeth’s Birthday & A Giveaway

It’s Elizabeth Zimmerman’s 100th birthday on Monday, August 9! People will be celebrating her birthday in various ways — I’m trying to organize a group of knitters to meet at my local Starbucks for a coffeehouse birthday in honor of EZ! It should be fun.

And, in honor of Elizabeth Zimmermann, and to encourage you all to continue knitting along, the good folks at Harrisville Yarn have donated yarn for a sweater. There is enough yarn and little color skeins to do a Seamless Yoke Sweater from Knitting Around. However, if you win the yarn, you are more than welcome to make it into anything your heart desires!

How to enter: leave a comment at the bottom of this post and let us know what is currently on your needles. You have until Sunday, August 8 to enter.

Winner will be drawn: the winner will be drawn and announced on August 9 – EZ’s birthday.

Good luck to all and happy knitting!



38 Responses

  1. wow! what a giveaway! 🙂

    surprisingly, i’ve got something very zimmerman on the needles right now… a sweater she inspired, the february lady sweater.

    it’s green and beautiful and i’m SO EXCITED about it. i knit up to the second button hole in one evening, a big knitting accomplishment for a slow knitter like me. i even blocked and pinned out my swatch this morning!

    it’s my first sweater and now i’m obsessed with them. that is for sure what i’d make with that! a new adventure, in sweater format.

    i also have a pair of gold/yellow endpaper mitts and my first toe up socks (slowly into the foot of my second sock). i’m an ADD knitter.

  2. What’s currently on my needles? Some of EZ’s Art Socks in lovely creamy white and red.

  3. oh, how exciting! i’d no idea! time to gather the local troupes…

  4. I love the colors; I’m currently knitting a fingerless glove but would love to try the moebius vest you showed the other day. I have to push myself beyond my comfort zone if I ever want to get passed socks and gloves!

  5. Actively on needles….LOL:

    198 Yards of Heaven
    Lambs Lace Cardi
    angora House Socks
    Seamless Yoke Sweater

  6. This is so exciting! I cannot believe that EZ would have been 100 years old.

    Right now on my needles I am starting the mobius scarf and I have a Seamless Hybrid Sweater for my husband (still knitting away on the body though) as well as a few pairs of socks for our girls

    I love the confidence EZ gave me with my knitting and how I am not scared to rip out rows and re-work them or make a snip to take off the lower turned hem because it came out wonky. I absolutely love the impact she has left on the knitting community. I re-borrow her videos from our local library, sometimes to remember a technique she (or Meg) have demonstrated and sometimes just for the company of knitting with her.

  7. Right now I have two EZ projects on my needles. I have the mystery blanket about half finished, and I have just started the traveling shawl.

  8. I am so grateful to have read Elizabeth’s wonderful books. She has empowered me to knit “my way.” Her creativity has inspired me and I have loved every minute of her reflections.

  9. Just finished my second ez baby sweater, still needs buttons. Been lurking your blog and love to watch your knitting progress through the ez projects. Agree, knitting is great therapy – for whatever is going on in your life.

  10. I wish I could have met EZ – she was a forward-thinking knitter – she has really inspired me to do my own thing – working on a seamless aran pullover for a customer, and the second of a pair of Houdini socks! What fun! I think I will have a Knit-in here in Cheyenne – there are several of us who also love EZ!

  11. just let me know which where and when… This is a stupendous day for knitters the world round!

  12. I am not knitting much – was too hot and know I have some spinning projects. But there are mittens on the needles (to be felted) and a baby vest.

    Like the idea of your <>!

  13. Elizabeth gave me the courage to break away from the written pattern when it didn’t suit me and to just start knitting and know that it will fit someone (which is what I did on my first tomten)
    Seeing your mobius vest has motivated me to make one for my mom.
    Right now I have on my needles an Aran sweater swatch hat, toe up socks and the Sheknits mystery shawl.

  14. I have several projects on the needles – a test knit sweater, 2 pairs of socks and a Box-the-compass sweater.

  15. In the spirit of EZ I am making a size 2 child’s multidirectional sweater–a Cabin Fever design. It is so much fun. And I still have 3 more grandchildren who deserve sweaters as well. Hoping to win!

  16. This is awesome! I have a top-down cardigan for my 8 yo on my needles–just about to do some short rows!

    That’s beautiful yarn.

  17. Currently I’m working on swatches for a sweater I’m designing. The cables have been chosen, but there are lots of other decisions to be made.

    Those colors are gorgeous! I was just telling someone about a pair of madras plaid slacks I used to have. They were in exactly these colors, and were my favorites for years. It would eb wonderful, if a bit sappy, to make a sweater to memorialize those slacks. Yes, I’m serious, but I’m laughing at myself at the same time.

    Happy B-D EZ, and thanks for all the wonderful gifts you gave us.

  18. these yarn looks so nice. i’m almost finished with a pair of socks right now, just need to kitchener stitch the front closed.

  19. on the needles–Susan B anderson’s sweet pea hat in pink. Not very EZ, but oh well, I’m just learning about her!!! Maybe next year…

  20. Let’s see, I have a grey Pie Are Square shawl and a baby blue bog jacket on needles. Sewing buttons on my seamless henley yoke sweater. Spinning yarn for a mobius scarf for my husband. And, am knitting her grandson’s (Cully) cable yoke sweater in pink and white.

    Happy 100th birthday Elizabeth! Wouldn’t have had the courage to try these projects without you!

  21. Thanks for the giveaway. I am knitting this right now: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/107-9-jacket-with-lace-pattern-and-raglan-sleeve-in-cotton-viscose-and-alpaca

  22. Which ones! LOL

    Mac & Me Ruffle Scarf.

  23. Pi are square shawl- just started. I ordered some yarn right from Schoolhouse Press. EXCELLENT service! I have also made a BSJ and the February Lady.

    I LOVE EZ. Wish I could have known her personally.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  24. Yay for giveaways!
    On my needles right now is:
    my own shawl design
    Fresh Mint tank top
    and the small beginnings of a Shaelyn shawl
    and about 5 other projects that have been hibernating for a while!

  25. All I’ve got on my needles right now is some dust, as I rest my carpal tunnels for a couple weeks. When I come back it will be time to start the Christmas knitting – 3 sweaters and about a dozen total of scarves and hats. I’d love for these beautiful colors to be waiting for me when I’m back in shape. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Her books are very inspiring and practical, she says it like it is, and teaches you not to fret and worry too much. It would be really neat to attend a class with her and use the lovely yarn from the contest.

  27. Looking forward to my next Elizabeth project!!! Think I will pick her vest………need yarn ideas! Love everything I have put together so far.

    Currently I have more projects on needles than I wish to even think about. I think I need knitters anonymous!

  28. I’m working on the button band of an EPS sweater, an EPS vest and the Pi shawl.

  29. Lovely yarn. A nice memorial! On my needles, I have socks for my teen son, a sweater for me and a dishcloth for a swap.

  30. Lets see – on the needles that I’m actively working on are a neat assymetrical vest in Dream In Color for my brother’s mother-in-law for Christmas. And then I’m casting on for the Traveling Woman shawl with some lovely Briar Rose. I don’t even want to think about the number of hibernating projects!

  31. What a great prize! I finished up EZ’s Green Sweater just a couple of months ago, and want to start a vest soon!

  32. What a great prize! I have too many things on the needles at the moment. But better too many than too few, right? The project I’m working on today is a pair of Cabin Socks for my dad for Christmas. When I’m done with them I’ll start an EZ-inspired raglan pullover for Dear Hubby. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  33. Currently on my needles are two shawls, one scarf, a pair of socks, and a dishcloth! Happy Birthday to Elizabeth! I am sure she would be so happy to know of all the hoopla!

  34. I am currently knitting the February Lady Sweater. I love everything EZ! She is my hero!

  35. Glad to see this celebration of Elizabeth Zimmermann! I also tend to have several projects going at once, but the only one I anticipate finishing soon is a cowl. I wish I’d thought to make an EZ project to finish in time for her birthday!

  36. What a lovely picture of the Fair Isle sweater. That is what is currently EZ that is on my needles, but it’s been hibernating waiting for inspiration. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, planning on making it my first Fall project.

  37. Happy Birthday Elizabeth, I am currently working on 3 sweaters for grand girls 1 aran sweater for me and a lace shawl in cashmere. Have a grand day!

  38. I have started a little rabbit,Ilove your patterns.

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