And the winner is…

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Zimmermann! Since today is your official b’day I just have to say, “Happy Birthday.” Even though you are no longer with us, you continue to inspire us, help us through crises & teach us things we did not know! Ah, where would we be with out you!

Celebrate the day, knitters, it’s a grand one for all of us!

Well, without further delay… the winner of all that lovely Harrisville yarn is… Linda Cannon! Congrats Linda! You have 24 hours to contact me with your postal address! I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to all who participated! I loved hearing about the wonderful things that are on your needles! Ah, knitting is fun.

Well, I’ve got to get back to work. The chocolate cake for tonight’s birthday party just came out of the oven. I need to run up to Marsh to pick up the birthday balloons and then the sock yarn for the gift exchange needs to be wrapped…. I’ll be back tomorrow with some pictures!

happy knitting to all!


One Response

  1. I had e-mailed you back but wanted to leave a response and a Happy Birthday also to the lady who teaches us to relax and knit and enjoy it.
    My address is:
    Linda Cannon
    5161 Oak Shade Way
    Fair Oaks, Ca 95628

    Thankyou again for the chance to win a new fun project.

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