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The Baby Bog Jacket

I’m so sorry for my long delay in showing you the completed Baby Bog Jacket. But I have some good reasons.

I decided to make the Baby Bog Jacket after realizing that it is essentially the same as the adult version. I needed to save time because … well.. have you noticed? I’m a little behind on my deadline if I’m really, truly going to finish this project by the end of the year. This has been a hard summer.

Luckily for me I had a sweet baby niece I could make the Baby Bog for. So off I went.

This is one project I would highly recommend. It is simple and yet produces a lovely jacket. I don’t know why the Baby Bog isn’t more popular than the Baby Surprise Jacket.

The only modifications I made were in the length and number of rows I knit. My little niece is pint size – as you can see. She is 4 months and somewhere around 10 lbs. Tiny, tiny. But she is the sweetest and has the sweetest smile. Oh, we adore her.

The day after I gave the completed Bog Jacket to her, my sister took her in for some check ups and found that she had two holes in her heart as well as cardio myopathy. What followed was several days in the hospital with my dear, sweet niece hooked up to all sorts of wires and monitors.

To make a long story short, we are still awaiting test results to get the full story. But she is scheduled for open heart surgery on Nov 8 – meanwhile she’s on medication, to which she seems to be responding well.

So… as you can imagine … my family and I have been doing some serious praying and would appreciate your prayers for this dear, sweet, baby girl.

The Details:
Pattern: Baby Bog from Knitting Around by EZ
Yarn: Sock Yarn, handpainted by me – I used a little under 450 yards – probably 420
Needles: US #3