Pi Are Square i.e. monster

I need to take a picture of my Pi Are Square Shawl – but it’s still on the needles and just looks like a hairy monster.

In fact, it’s beginning to feel like a hairy monster, something that has taken over my life and is never going to be done. Oh, lovely shawl, why are you so big?

My biggest mistake in making this shawl was to knit it with Icelandic singles (roving) using #5 needles. Near the bottom I gradually eased my way out to #9 and am knitting the border using #9s.

I haven’t felt this way with any other Knitting Around project – but I do feel like this shawl is a bit of a monster. I am eager to be done with it. Is that bad to say?

I feel like it has taken forever.

And, dare I admit it…. I’m tired of garter stitch! opps, I said it out loud!


2 Responses

  1. Some things take on a life of their own. Personally I am still making hats and want to do something ala Zimmerman but have to wait till the new year.
    How is your neice. I still think about her and hope all is going well.

  2. Still have EZ’s book by my side as I knit…I will be knitting more from her book, but with the move to our new house and new province, job search and general house repairs and up-lifts, the knitting is on hold. Sorry to hear about your neice. She looked lovely in the Bog jacket. Hope all are well and your knitting is back on track for 2011.

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