Cully’s Sweater

I loved knitting Cully’s Sweater (Knitting Around pg 127). I absolutely loved it. In fact, I kind of wish I had made a big sweater because it was over before my love affair with it had finished.

Even though I was extremely disappointed with my choice of yarn (Rowan Pure Wool DK – I should have used something sticky because I was steeking) I love the results!

I choose to knit a cardigan – they are easier to put on little ones I think. And I also choose to knit a “dashing scarlet trim” for the edging. When Elizabeth Zimmermann puts it that way, “dashing scarlet trim”, how can you not knit a dashing scarlet trim – it just sounds so lovely and exotic!

This is definitely a sweater I will come back to and make again – it was absolutely lovely to knit.

Meanwhile I get to admire it on my little wee man.

Doesn’t he look pleased as punch with it?



One Response

  1. The sweater turned out great – the little man seems to be taking it in an appropriately serious manner.

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