The Norwegian Mittens

My dear husband has just run out to our local Starbucks to get us a treat before we begin another night of study. As you might remember from the beginning of this project, JK’s studying for his MA in history and I’m studying Elizabeth Zimmermann. Hopefully our coffee treat will fortify us against the drowsiness that seems to be setting in.

I am quite pleased to report that I have finished the Norwegian Mittens. They were quite the trial. Not because they were stranded two color mittens … but because of my life right now. Try working on stranded color work while your 16 month boy is toddling around eager to get into everything and anything.

You are constantly putting down your knitting and picking it back up. I could never get the into rythmn that I love about colorwork. I was sooooo frustrated. Finally I gave up and relegated these mittens to evening knitting.

Even so, these mittens are full of mistakes. If I had to submit them for a final exam I would come close to failing.

Do you see the glaring mistake in the picture above? In the thumb I changed which hand carried my colors. Isn’t it interesting how one hand is dominate? In colorwork my left hand is dominate and I must always carry the color that I want to be the dominate color in the left hand. Many people never realize this and have colorwork that doesn’t pop but sinks in and gets lost.

The second thumb I made sure was absolutely perfect.

So these beautiful mittens are finished. Which is a good thing because my world is covered in snow. These mittens will definitely come in handy pulling Little John in his sled.

Well, I had better run and get to studying! =) The next project is the sideways mittens -for some reason I’m dreading them. Anyone made them before?

happy knitting!



3 Responses

  1. The mittens are darling! I gasped and said “Self, you gotta knit those mittens! Now what yarn do I have that I can cast on right NOW?”
    Great to see you posting again, and btw, with your busy life, it’s amazing you knitted as much as you did last year.

  2. The mittens look beautiful!

    I have made the sideways mystery mittens. I mostly made them because, after watching her video on them, the construction seemed really neat. I used Berroco Vintage and, I believe, size 5 needles. Because they are made in garter stitch, they stretch a lot. My husband is a pretty big guy with big guy hands and they even fit him. Personally, I do not like them. I wear them mostly for warmth and not style only because they are very loose on my hands….and I have average size women hands. The seaming is not bad and I slipped the first stitch every row to make that part easier on me. If you are to make them, I suggest using a yarn that you are willing to part with. As in how seamtresses use muslin fabric for testing out patterns. These mittens are on my list to modify because the construction is really cool. Also, when you are done working the body of the mittens and begin the cuff, I decreased stitches then knit straight, instead of increasing out. Perhaps working a 2×2 ribbing for the cuff would help them to not slip down when my hands are down by my sides. If I believe correctly, she suggested worsted weight wool and I think next time I make these I am going to use sport weight wool, that might help with the looseness factor.

    Aside from me not being happy with the final mittens, they were a fun knit to see how the construction of them is done. And it certainly is a mystery as to how EZ thought of working mittens starting at the thumb/index part of the hand.

    I would love to see you make these and hear your thoughts on this pattern.

  3. They look great to me, mistake?? and all. Congrats.

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