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Nearing the end

Confession: I completed the Aran coat two weeks ago. Yes, it’s been finished for awhile now. But I have found excuses not to blog about it. I was too busy… it wasn’t blocked… I need buttons.

I think I’ve been putting it off because, well, this is the last project. I am at the end. It’s almost finished.

I have really enjoyed this project. What a journey of life it has taken me through! Part of me wishes that my life hadn’t turned upside down halfway through this project because I know I have missed journaling many of the things that I have learned from EZ. However, deep down inside I am so thankful that I had this project during those hard times last year. It helped me focus on something else other than the troubles.

I have learned a new meaning to “Knit on, with confidence and hope through all crises.”

Anyways, I’m waxing sentimental on you… so sorry.

The coat is done. And boy, was it fun.

I didn’t do the hood – I”m just not a hood person. However, I love a stand up collar on a coat to shield me from the wind. So I did that instead.

The one thing that EZ doesn’t have in the instructions in Knitting Around for the Aran coat is some decreases in the body section around the armholes after you join the sleeves. I wish I had done that. It would have helped to set the sleeves in a bit. Otherwise, the pattern is fabulous! And quite fast because of the thick yarn and fat needles.

Now I am on the hunt for some buttons. I really want leather and wooden toggles… but where can I find them? I haven’t been able to find a place yet…. perhaps I will have to settle for wool loops and wooden buttons like EZ did on hers… but I’m going to keep looking…. so I’m not done yet! =)




The Aran Coat

I have been mesmerized and awed by EZ’s genius as I knit away on this Aran Coat.

The cables are absolutely lovely, but terribly simple. All of them can be done without a cable needle. Talk about relaxing knitting! I don’t like fiddling with a third needle – it slows you down. Sure, sometimes you have to use one if you want to work a beautiful cable.

There is also such a lovely feeling you get as you see the progress you make. #11 needles and bulky yarn go so fast! Unbelievably fast.  Which is also scary… that means I’ll be done soon with this lovely project. Oh, my…


I am knitting

I am…I am.

For some reason I have failed to take pictures of my Aran Coat progress. Is it because I dread this coming to an end? Perhaps… I still can’t believe this is the last project of the whole book. What a journey.

When the wool arrived in the shop I nearly jumped in the car right then and there, baby in tow. Instead, I was a good girl and waited until a more convenient day and went between John’s naps.

12 skeins of bulky weight wool looked like a 20 lb fleece. I nearly fell over when they brought the yarn out of the back room and gave it to me (I had to special order it). But then again, this is a coat.

So with my huge back of “fleece” I headed home to work on my gauge. This was a hard one. I would co and start with one gauge and then 3 inches into the coat notice that my gauge was entirely different – tighter in fact. Talk about frustration! This is one of those projects that I would most certainly recommend doing a watch cap out to check the gauge!

But… finally… at last… using a #11 needle and calculating my gauge at 3sts to the inch, I cast on!

The Aran Coat

The deed has been done…

All the yarn for the Aran coat has been ordered from my LYS, Stitches & Scones.

In some ways I can’t believe it… the yarn for the last project in this saga has been ordered. I have bittersweet feelings about it. On the one hand I feel like it’s been quite an accomplishment… on the other hand I don’t want the adventure of Elizabeth Zimmermann, the friendship that I’ve found with all of you to end…

Ah, well, I’m getting ahead of myself. I still have the sideways mittens to knit and the joggers mittens…

off I go…