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In the early summer, when I was in the midst of all that lovely garter stitch knitting, I had the dream of this shawl.

When I went to the TNNA in June I found the perfect yarn for it… Isager Alpaca 2.

But the yarn didn’t arrive at my LYS until September! What a wait!

Anyways, I designed the shawl in honor of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s 100th birthday.

here’s a little bit of what I was thinking….

The Name:
9 August 2010 marked  the 100th birthday of Elizabeth Zimmerman, the woman who changed the face of knitting in America and if I can be so bold as to make such a broad statement, the face of modern knitting. Some may dispute this, but it is my opinion that without the influence of Elizabeth Zimmermann knitting wouldn’t have made such resurgence in America, which led to a boom in the knitting industry, which led to all sorts of wonderful things, even things like the online knitting community.

That aside, if you begin to read a few of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s books, you begin to realize she was very fond of the knit stitch, and, thus garter stitch.

I thought it would be fun to design a shawl in honor of EZ’s birthday utilizing only the knit stitch. When I was all done, I realized it looked like you had some purl rows thrown in even though you had knit every row.  I was so pleased with my efficiency.

So, my dear Elizabeth, master of us all, this one is for you. I think you would have liked this shawl, knitting every row with the end result being reversible. Happy Birthday!

So here it is my friends, finally ready for you.

You can find it over on Ravelry!

Happy Knitting!