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Pi R Square Shawl

It’s hard not to think or talk about anything else but Little Laura – but I suppose I must.

(BTW: Laura is still in ICU, struggling with breathing and maintaining oxygen levels on her own. However, as of Sunday afternoon she was doing better!)

I finished my monster of a Pi R Square shawl! I think the reason I considered it a monster was because I choose Icelandic Roving as my fiber. I don’t think I would do that again. After awhile I got really bored with it – it was too hairy.

Also I choose to begin the project using 1 strand of Icelandic Roving and #5 needles! Oh, my… that took forever.

By the time I got to 48 rows I decided to graduate my needles up to a #9, therefore my bottom 48 rows creates more of a ruffle. I actually rather like that.

I learned a lot about simple shawl shaping while I knit this… and my imagination ran wild with variations.

But, on the whole… I’m glad I’m moving on to the next project…. The¬†Norwegian¬†Sweater!


Pi R Square Shawl Finished

The beautiful monster is finished.

Last night, after writing my previous post, I was suddenly stricken in my conscience. How in the world could I have cast on for the next project without finishing the one on my needles (yes, yes, we do it all the time don’t we?).

But this Knitting Zimmermann project is different. I CAN’T do that. I SHOULDN’T do that. Let’s just mark it up to extreme stress.

So I got out my good old French press, ground some coffee and set it brewing. Then I downloaded an easy-listening M.C. Beaton Hamish McBeth mystery from the library and settled myself in my studio and told myself I wasn’t going to sleep until I was finished.

4 hours later the pot of coffee was drained, I was almost done with the Death of a Valentine, I was seriously buzzed BUT I was finished with the Pi R Square Shawl.

I don’t feel like my Pi is a masterpiece. But really appreciated learning new techniques (simple though they may be) about shawl shaping.

It’s dark again and not a good time for taking pictures. So pictures will follow.

BTW: Little Laura is off her ventilators and breathing on her own as of this afternoon. We are hoping and praying that this continues. She will remain in the ICU several more days before being transfered to a normal ward – if all goes well.

Pi Are Square i.e. monster

I need to take a picture of my Pi Are Square Shawl – but it’s still on the needles and just looks like a hairy monster.

In fact, it’s beginning to feel like a hairy monster, something that has taken over my life and is never going to be done. Oh, lovely shawl, why are you so big?

My biggest mistake in making this shawl was to knit it with Icelandic singles (roving) using #5 needles. Near the bottom I gradually eased my way out to #9 and am knitting the border using #9s.

I haven’t felt this way with any other Knitting Around project – but I do feel like this shawl is a bit of a monster. I am eager to be done with it. Is that bad to say?

I feel like it has taken forever.

And, dare I admit it…. I’m tired of garter stitch! opps, I said it out loud!