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Where are the Wearable Art Stockings?

Ah, the elusive Wearable Art Stockings. Have you noticed? I’m behind on this project? It was scheduled to be finished in February, but alas… as of Sunday there is not even a stitch of it on the needles.

Here is a picture of the little bit I had accomplished before I ripped it out. I”m using Harrisville Shetland 2ply – the same yarn I’m using for the seamless yoke sweater. I love the character of this yarn. It appears a little stiff when you first finger it in a skein. But as you work with it, the fibers warm up and soften. Love it, love it, love it.

I went back to the drawing board on these Wearable Art Stockings and decided to change the color pattern. What Elizabeth Zimmermann has in Knitting Around just isn’t me. I think she would want me to make it my own, so I’m going with a very simple Swedish inspired color pattern. I can’t wait to show you.

I will also admit…. I’ve been a bit busy with some other knitting. I have  a spring collection scheduled to be released March 21 (we’ll see if we make that deadline) and have been knitting, writing & ripping away frantically. Most of the patterns are back from my wonderful editor Gina at Brownie Knits and the last pattern is now in the hands of two talented test knitters.

Will you  excuse a little slowness on my part if I deliver some lovely spring things for you all to enjoy? You can get a few sneak peaks here.

Happy Knitting to all! Have a lovely weekend!



Sunday afternoon, a bit under the weather with  a sore throat and a headache, Baby John slept while JK read to me and I swatched for the Seamless Yoke Sweater.

Elizabeth Zimmermann suggests casting on for a “swatch” hat or if you are in a big hurry she explains how to make a swatch “in the round” while knitting flat.

I cast on enough stitches to go around my #4, 16″ circular needle and off I went. The swatch piece is more than just a good idea to find out what your gauge it. It’s the perfect time to work out your color sequence.

This is my first color sequence. It’s okay, but not perfect for me.

This is my second sequence, and although still not “ah, the perfect one,” I think a combination of the two sequences will do quite nicely.

Swatching for this sweater has really gotten me excited about casting on for it. Later this afternoon I’m hoping to sit down with a cup of tea and while Baby John naps cast on. It seems like we’ve had to wade through quite a few pairs of socks to get to this point. But it has been worth it.

Speaking of socks, I must tell you the Art Stockings are stumping me. The yarn I purchased for them just doesn’t “feel” or look right. I’ll update you about them in the next post. But, I am quite behind on my Art Stockings. So, I’ll be knitting the Seamless Yoke Sweater and the Art Stockings at the same time. Oh, well, I suppose it’s not the end of the world.

Back in business

After a week of no Knitting Zimmermann projects I felt like I was going to go crazy. Sure, I had other knitting to work on but I missed that daily interaction with Knitting Around.

When I was up at my LYS on Saturday I picked up some Harrisville Shetland 2 ply for the Wearable Art Stockings. I swatched it and it came out perfect with a US #3 needle. So I’m off and running on the ribbing … again.

AND… my order of Harrisville Shetland 2 ply for my Seamless Yoke Sweater – our next project – was in! Oh, it was so lovely to pick up!  I’m pretty pleased with the colors. As usual the camera does not do them justice. For instance, that skein that looks like black is really a lovely shade of cocoa. I’m delight and can’t wait to start on the sweater. To be a bit honest with you all, I’m a little tired of socks – after all, the wearable art stockings are my 5th pair in the last 6 weeks. And besides, this seamless yoke sweater is THE sweater that launched Elizabeth Zimmermann into doing her own newsletters and publishing her own patterns. Isn’t that exciting to think about?


It’s funny, I swatched this sock before I purchased the entire amount needed for the art socks and thought the yarn I had chosen was a go. But now, after getting the cuff done and starting into the pattern I see that it is far from “a go”. It’s going to be scrapped.

For starters, I chose the WRONG colors. I should have chosen a light color and a dark or medium color. I choose two dark colors making it hard to see when it’s late at night or when you’re keeping one eye on the baby.

But the main reason I’m scrapping it is the yarn itself is not rounded enough to create a nice neat ribbing. I’ll save the yarn for a good rustic lace shawl — that will be beautiful.

In the mean time I’m planning on purchasing some Mission Falls 136 (sport weight) in cream and light brown when I’m up at my LYS on Saturday. I’ve heard a lot of good reports about Mission Falls 136 and I think this would be the perfect project to give it “a go.”

Woodsman’s Thick Socks

Woodsman's Thick Socks

Oh, my! What fun! I loved making the Woodsman’s Thick Socks. If you thought the Moccasin sock went fast, wait until you try the Woodsman’s Sock. I used Bartlett Yarns 2 ply color: Medium Sheeps Gray and US #6  DPNs.

I particularly loved the rich, sheepy texture of the yarn for this sock. I think they were perfectly matched. This is the type of sock you want to pull on before you put on your boots and head out to go sledding or skiing or even something as mundane as shoveling the driveway.

Elizabeth Zimmermann gives a little fuller description of the sock in “The Opinionated Knitter.” There she calls socks, “timeless boosters of the male ego.” Don’t you love it?

Modifications: I wanted to make a sock that fit me or the DH (surprise — we’re about the same size). So I cast on 40 stitches rather than 44 and used #6 needles rather than a #7. I’m planning to do a breakdown of the Woodsman as I knit the second sock… so stay tuned! More to come.

On another note: I’m planning on doing the Woodsman’s 2 color variation found in Knitting Around on page 6. Meg Swansen informed me that Schoolhouse press does not have a pattern for that particular variation. But, dear knitters, we can wing it in true EZ form, can’t we? If you notice the gauge is similar to the Wearable Art Stockings as well as the calf shaping. I’ve come up with charts for the color pattern which I’ll offer as a free PDF download on Ravelry for those of you who would like to knit along. Just a head’s up ….