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One down…

Hooray! I finished one of the Woodsman’s Variation Socks on Saturday. It took me a week to complete, mainly because I had to relegate this project to night-time knitting only. When I finished it on Saturday I rewarded myself with this.

My version is a little bit bigger than those in Knitting Around. Why? Well, mainly because I had to use yarn in my stash rather than yarn I had tried to order.

To make a long story short, the mill , Cottage Craft Woollens, I ordered my yarn from has customer service problems. It took a month to get my first order from them and that was only after calling them several time on the phone.

The order of yarn for the Woodsman’s 2-color Variation socks never came through. I tried calling but was rebuffed once with, “I’ll check on your order tomorrow. I’m in the car. I’m trying to start another business.” The next three times I tried calling they never answered and the answering machine was full, thus I could not leave a message. They didn’t answer their email. Finally I messaged them through Ravelry but never got a response. Thus, through Ravelry, I canceled my order. As of yet I have not had a response regarding my order or my cancellation.

I was really fustrated. The yarn they sold was perfect for the Art Socks and the Woodsman’s 2 color variation. But there was no way of getting it in time.BTW – this order I had placed ON THE PHONE with them and had double checked that it was in stock.

Apparently I’m not alone in my troubles with this mill. On their Ravelry group several people have said it took 3 to 4 months to get their order. So… if you want to order from this mill… be aware, it may take forever.

This is in contrast to an order I placed with Juniper Moon Fiber Farm — I received my order in 4 days! Amazing service! But more on that yarn later…


A Bit Better Now…

Woodsman's Sock - 2 color variation

Ahh… the Woodsman’s Sock – 2 color variation is going much better now. I think I was having so much trouble knitting it because I was trying to snatch some knitting times during the day. That just doesn’t work for this pattern. I had at least 10 rounds to rip out last night when I got a chance to look at the sock properly. Take care of a wee baby and knitting a complicated sock without a proper pattern just doesn’t go together. I’ve vowed to work on it only at night when I can concentrate on it fully.

Woodsman's Sock - 2 color variation

Here is how I’m fudging this pattern:

  1. I made charts from the pictures. You can make simple color charts in Excel and then print them out.
  2. I found yarn in my stash that is the same gauge as the Wearable Art Stockings.
  3. I cast on following the Wearable Art Stockings pattern in Knitting Around. I am continuing to follow the Wearable Art Stocking pattern, inserting the charts I made, until I get to the Foot Shaping for the Wearable Art Stocking.
  4. Rather than working the Foot Shaping for the Wearable Art Stockings, I’ll follow the instructions for the Woodsman’s Heel Flap, Gussets and Toe shaping.

Now, you might say, “But the numbers are off and I can’t follow the Woodsman’s Heel, Gussets and Toe exactly.” You are right, what you must do is follow the principle.

The heel is worked over exactly half of the stitches. By the time we get to the heel we will have 58 stitches on the Woodsman 2 color Variation, work the heel stitches on half of 58 (which is 29).

To turn the heel you work to the middle of those 29 stitches (roughly 15) and begin the heel turn.

To shape the gussets you will pick up stitches along one side of the heel flap, knit across the top of the foot in the cross country 2-color pattern, pick up stitches along the other side of the heel flap, and, voila, you are back at the heel stitches.

You will decrease those gusset stitches just as you did for the original Woodsman, only this time you will decrease until you have 58 stitches on your needles.

For the toe you will work the Woodsman’s toe exactly as EZ wrote it.

So you see, there isn’t much fudging at all. There really is a pattern written for us in the book, we just have to use our brains to make it! And after all, wouldn’t EZ be proud of us — that we’re using our brains to knit something beautiful?

Woodsman Variation

The Woodsman's Variation

I am INSANE! Totally INSANE.

I thought I would be so cute and sophisticated copying the beautiful Woodsman’s 2 color variation that Elizabeth Zimmermann has a picture of in Knitting Around. Yes, that’s right. There’s only a picture. I’m guessing and fudging my way through. And now I think I was INSANE to attempt it.

I should stop ranting.

I’ll start over….

Hi Knitters! It’s February, time to start those lovely 2 color socks that just make you drool as you stare at them in Knitting Around. Most of you are going to be starting or attempting to start the Wearable Art Stockings. I’ll try to post more about them tomorrow.

As for me, I decided it would be fun to recreate the lovely 2 color Woodsman’s Variation shown in the black and white picture at the end of The Woodsman’s Thick Sock pattern in Knitting Around.

I made charts after brewing myself a strong cup of tea and staring at the photo for a while. That accomplished I cast on.

I’m not fond of doing 2 colors on DPNs. So I thought I would experiment to see if I like small circulars. I tried 9″ circulars — DON’T! They will hurt your hands. I tried 12″ circulars – OH MY! They were annoying. Right now I’m on 2, 16″ circulars – it’s a little better and not too annoying. But guess what, I think I like the DPNs the best! Ha! We live any learn!

I’ve got to run — but I’ll let you know how I’m “fudging” it EZ style soon! Anyone tempted to try the 2 color Woodsman’s variation? If so, let me know and I can email you the charts.

ta-ta for now and happy knitting!